Thanks for checking out my blog!  Here’s my story:

I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 10.  I spent many of my teenage and college years rebelling against my diabetes and not taking care of myself.  Though I never hid my diabetes, I never allowed anyone to see how much it affected my life.

As I became an adult and started working a full time job, I noticed how hard it was for me to make it through the day.  I thought I was eating healthy, with frozen diet meals for lunch, so why was I so sleepy in the afternoons?  A friend introduced me to Paleo and it all made sense.  Eating a low-carb, more natural diet helped jumpstart my quest to take better care of myself.  At the time, this was definitely not something advertised in the diabetes world.

I decided to take charge of my health even further and get an insulin pump.  I had always been wary because I did not like the idea of a tube hanging out of my body.  But alas!  They made a tubeless pump!  I started using my Omnipod and soon started also using a wireless continuous glucose monitor, made by Dexcom.  Together, they help me manage my diabetes better than ever, yet I am still far from perfect.

In March 2015 I started Crossfit.  I soon fell in love, but my body did not.  My blood sugars would often spike for hours after a workout (who am I kidding, sometimes they still do).  Very little literature or research is out there about this effect nor the best ways to avoid or deal with it.

So here I am to write about my experiences with different aspects of my diabetes, as well as other fun stuff.  My hope is some posts may be helpful to diabetics and non-diabetics alike, especially those looking for easy recipes!

I’d love to hear from anyone going through the same, or maybe just starting on their journey.  Feel free to “Contact” me with any suggestions, or comment on a post.



Megan (& Tucker!)