November 2016

Cucumber Prosciutto Appetizer

This cucumber prosciutto appetizer is a healthy and low carb alternative to a classic, guaranteed to be a hit at any party.  Especially if you have fittie, foodie friends and family!  Not to mention it’s quick and easy to whip up!

What you’ll need:

Cream cheese



Cut the cucumber into bite-size chips.  Place a dollop (this is an actual unit of measurement, but if you only know standard measurements 1/2-1 tsp) of cream cheese on each cucumber chip.  Cut the prosciutto into strips with the width of the cucumber, and the length being that of about two cucumber chips.  Fold strips in half and place on top of the cream cheese.

YOU’RE DONE!  Easy right?  No need to turn on the oven or spend way too much time prepping your contribution to a party.  These also make a great low carb snack at any time.


cucumber prosciuttoStats (approximate for 1/2 cucumber, 10 tsp cream cheese, 2 slices prosciutto):

Cal: 161

Fat: 11.5 g.

Carb: 5 g.

Protein: 10 g.



Stats courtesy of My Fitness Pal, for the most exact numbers, plug-in the exact brands you use.  This is one of my favorite apps to use for both calculating my insulin (based on carbs) and tracking what I eat.